PAM TENT WITH COCKETTES & FRIENDS PAST & PRESENT In the late 60s and early 70s when the Cockettes crashed onto the scene, the political and cultural landscape of the country was in turmoil. Ideological wars raged on all fronts as society twisted with the growing pains of social evolution and the LGBT scene was in its infancy. While the hippies were leaving the Haight Ashbury in droves, the Cockettes spearheaded the next wave, taking their flamboyant gender-bending politics and sexual revolution from the street to the stage.  The glitter-strewn journey would be long and blaze a trail, not only for the glitter rock era to come, but influence designers decades later including Marc Jacobs and the House of Dior, who would credit the influence of the Cockettes for their latest lines.  Finally, the Cockettes would touch even the White House with their cinematic spoof of Tricia Nixon’s wedding. Today the Cockettes’ tradition lives on.   A new generation of actors called the Thrillpeddlers (along with a few of the remaining Cockettes) have joined together to remount Palace Theatre shows of the 1970s to the delight of younger San Franciscans and older Cockette devotees. This site will celebrate the evolution of the Cockettes and friends who continue to explore the free-wheeling lifestyle and push the boundaries of accepted norms. I was lucky enough to be along for the ride and invite you to join me.