Film Fetish

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As the sun blazed through the windshield of our car, I donned a pair of shades for the exhilarating drive up the wintry slopes to Park City, Utah.  The old mining town was located 7,000 feet above sea level and set … Continued

Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

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Songwriter, Johnny Mercer wrote “Any Place I Hang my Hat is Home”—and for me, that’s San Francisco. I’ve been lucky enough to revel in this carnival metropolis since newspapers captivated readers with bristling exploits of the Zodiac Killer, and Herb … Continued

Kirkus Reviews

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The radical politics, sexual rebellion, and theatrical extravagance of a spontaneously combusting gender-bending San Francisco troupe, remembered here by one of its founding members. The Cockettes high-stepped themselves into history with a flamboyant dance routine in drag and glitter on … Continued